La Lune
La Lune
La Lune
La Lune

La Lune

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La Lune, 500ml.
Botanical Bath Soaks. Inspired by nature.

 Red Clover: Soothing to the skin and nerves. Anti-inflammatory, good for acnes, rashes, inflamed skin, helps with exhaustion and headaches. 

Spruce: Helps treat skin infections, insect bites, chapped hands, cuts, scrapes, eczema, and rashes. The spruce tree is considered "the top 10 medicinal plants used by First Nations", one of the reasons is because spruce resin activates blood circulation allowing the natural healing process to happen at a faster rate. 

Himalayan Salt: Contains a known contain 84 essential minerals that aid in detoxing the skin. 

Dead Sea Salt: Exfoliant that can combats stress, slowing skin aging and calming nervous system. Healing and drying to open sores and pimples. 

Epsom Salt: alleviates muscle tension, headaches and is soothing to inflamed joints.

Essential oil notes of geranium, lemongrass and black spruce, creating a fresh, energetic, yet soothing experience. 

To use: Dissolve 1/2 cup into hot bath.
I recommend you strain the bathtub before draining. 

Ingredients: red clover flowers, spruce needles, Himalayan salt, dead sea salt, epsom salt, blend of essential oils