Cucamanga specializes in wildcrafted artisanal skin care products, utilizing wild harvested and organic botanicals from the Canadian boreal forest. Cucamanga's vision would be to transport you from your apartment in a concrete jungle into the depths of the forest for a moment, while supplementing your skin with natural, wild nutrition.

Here at Cucamanga, we aim at using botanicals sustainably harvested from our Canadian forests, the majority of these plants that grow so abundantly are actually considered "weeds”. As well as sourcing organic plants we cannot harvest ourselves as well as organic oils.

Some of the wild harvested botanicals we use to create powerful plant based products:

Spruce Resin: Helps treat skin infections, insect bites, chapped hands, cuts, scrapes, eczema, and rashes. The spruce tree is considered the top 10 medicinal plants used by First Nations, one of the reasons is because spruce resin activates blood circulation allowing the natural healing process to happen at a faster rate. The smell of the spruce resin is absolutely delicious, if you love being in the forest, this will remind you of such.

Usena Lichen: Helps alleviate skin inflammation and wounds. Antibacterial properties prevents wounds from getting infected and aids in a faster healing process. 

Labrador tea: High in antioxidants, aids in removing toxins from the skin, helps with cracked, inflamed and itchy skin "labrador tea was one of the most commonly used medicines of First Nations in Canada".

Fireweed: Aids in burns, swellings, boils and rashes with anti-inflammatory properties. 

Horsetail: Contains highly absorbable silica and calcium content. It is used specifically in this deodorant because it has properties to help with offensive perspiration. 

Yarrow: Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and is considered one of the most widely used medicinal plant in the world.