Boreal Hair Oil
Boreal Hair Oil
Boreal Hair Oil

Boreal Hair Oil

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Boreal Hair Oil, 60ml.

Boreal Hair oil is an uplifting oil that is great for hydrating and nourishing the scalp + hair. Containing botanicals & essential oils that helps strengthen hair, stimulate circulation and aid in hair regrowth. 

Made with wild harvested botanicals from the Canadian Boreal Forest. Harvesting occurs on natures schedule to maximize the therapeutic benefits of each particular plant. After harvesting the botanicals, it is dried, and infused in organic sunflower oil. The oil absorbs the benefits of the plant and is used in this way in the product. 

Horsetail: Contains highly absorbable silica and calcium content which is great for the scalp and hair. 

Nettle: Mineral rich, stimulates circulation, strengthens, good for inflammation and wounds.  *Rumoured to reduce balding* 

Labrador tea: high in antioxidants which helps remove toxins from the skin, helps with cracked, inflamed and itchy skin "labrador tea was one of the most commonly used medicines of First Nations in Canada."

Chamomile: Soothes sensitive skin, eczema, acne, psoriasis. Relaxes the mind and may help alleviate anxiety. 

Argan Oil: high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help maintaining the health of the skin, softening and protecting your skin from sun damage.  
Sunflower oil: High in essential fatty acids: antioxidant vitamins A, D and E. Deeply nourishing and moisturizing. 
Hemp Seed Oil: High in essential fatty acids.   


*Using an essential oil blend my mother has been using for our hair for as long as i can remember & can be perfectly paired with our Shampoo Bar*

Rosemary Essential Oil: Cell regeneration and antiseptic properties. Helps open sinuses, stimulate new hair growth, conditions hair & relieves dandruff.      

Basil Essentail Oil: Uplifting, conditions scalp & stimulates hair growth.

Lavender Essential Oil: Antiseptic, relieve burns, headaches. Gentle, relaxing & calming on the central nervous system    

Peppermint Essential Oil: Energzies & awakens the mind. Stimulating, antiseptic, cooling & deodorizing.  



Cucamanga specializes in Handcrafted Artisanal soap + body products. Lovingly created in small batches utilizing wildcrafted herbs, sun infused oil, and synergistic medicinal blends.

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil infused with horsetail, nettle, labrador tea, chamomile, organic argan oil, organic hempseed oil, and a blend of essential oils.