Full Moon Bath Ritual
Full Moon Bath Ritual
Full Moon Bath Ritual
Full Moon Bath Ritual
Full Moon Bath Ritual

Full Moon Bath Ritual

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Full Moon Bath Ritual Kit
Experience your magical connection to the full moon. The full moon signifies the end of a cycle. Let go and recharge your path.

Each kit contains a bath bomb containing a stone inside. There are 4 different stones (only 1 in each bath bomb): rose quartz , green aventurine, labradorite & amethyst. The bath bomb has soy milk powder and biodegradable sparkles to make you feel like a god and smells like the forest in your bathtub 🌲. It comes with a handmade incense cone I made with wild harvested yarrow, spruce & tamarack needles from the laurentian forest and frankincense resin & juniper berries .
A beeswax candle which smells divine. And instructions on how to experience your full moon bath ritual. The bath bomb is also topped with some Labrador tea and made with balsam resin oil. The stones are random, so you won’t know which stone you get until it appears itself to you in the bath 🌙.

Each kit includes:
1 bath bomb
1 stone (inside the bath bomb)
1 cone incense 
1 beeswax candle
1 instruction(s)* (in french & english)
*please leave a note at checkout letting me know which language you would like the instructions in, thanks.

Wild Harvested Balsam Fir: Balancing to the psyche, opens the lungs and encourages deeper breathing. Helps relieve nervous tension. 
Sunflower Oil: High in essential fatty acids: antioxidant vitamins A, D and E. Deeply nourishing and moisturizing.
Labradorite: A magical stone, bringing awareness inwards into one’s own abilities. Powerful, protecting against negativity and strengthening ones aura. 
Rose Quartz: promotes love, passion and harmony,
Amethyst Stone: Power to still the mind and inspire creativity. Clears aura and creates light of protection around the body. 
Green Aventurine: Connection to the heart chakra, emotional calm and love.
Incense: Burn for protection. Raises high spiritual vibrations, aids in healing, stimulates psychic powers. 
Wild Harvested Spruce: Stimulating and restorative.  
Wild Harvested Tamarack: Stimulates, promotes self confidence.
Wild Harvested Yarrow: Relieves tension and discomfort.
Juniper Berry: Uplifts and stimulates to improve productivity and alertness.
Frankincense Resin: known for its magical powers.
Beeswax candle: It is said that using a beeswax candle during a ritual is more powerful than a synthetic candle. They are made locally by Mile-End Soap and Candle Supply. 

Bath Bomb:
labradorite stone, rose quartz, amethyst stone, green aventurine, extract of wild harvested balsam resin, organic sunflower oil, epsom salts, soy milk powder, citric acid, baking soda, biodegradable sparkles, and a blend of forest essential oils.
wild harvested yarrow, spruce & tamarack needles, organic juniper berries, benzoin gum, frankincense resin, marshmallow root.